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LOI Deed Restrictions

The "Declaration of Restrictions" ("Deed Restrictions") define the responsibilities of the owners of LOI properties, in order to maintain the character of our beautiful neighborhood. For example, the Deed Restrictions mandate the minimum size of the homes, specify setback requirements, prohibit the installation of "above ground" pools, and discuss the preservation of our wetlands. (These are only a few of the many topics addressed.)

The Declaration of Restrictions is a legal document which the developer filed with Oakland County. By purchasing a lot or home in Lakes of Indianwood, each buyer is thereby agreeing to adhere to the responsibilities defined in the Deed Restrictions.

As each phase of the Lakes of Indianwood Subdivision was opened for development, a new Declaration of Restrictions was filed with the County. Each new declaration included a restatement and/or amendment to the earlier Declaration(s). For this reason it's important for every LOI homeowner to have a complete set of Deed Restrictions. The Deed Restrictions should be provided to each new buyer at or before closing.

Currently, a complete set of LOI Deed Restrictions is made up of five documents (nine files).

Note: These are very large PDF files, and may take some time to download. A complete printed set of Deed Restrictions will be 52 pages long.


File 1 (Subdivisions 1, 2 &3, pp. 1-5)

File 2 (Subdivisions 1, 2 &3, pp. 6-10)

File 3 (Subdivisions 1, 2 &3, pp. 11-15)

File 4 (Subdivisions 1, 2 &3, pp. 16-20)

File 5 (Subdivisions 1, 2 &3, pp. 21-26)

File 6 (Subdivision 4 — 7 pages)

File 7 (Subdivision 5 — 5 pages)

File 8 (Subdivision 6 — 7 pages)

File 9 (Subdivision 7 — 7 pages)